Blessed by nature và located at one of the top ten highest mountains in Vietnam giới, Ta Xua in North country is regarded as a "miniature Sapa" - a fairy scene on earth. It is not only a perfect place to get away from the hustle & bustle of the big cities but also a hidden gem for most of the foreign travellers as well as a mystery that challenges those who are passionate about exploring the new l&.

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Where exactly is Ta Xua?

As the name suggests, Ta Xua is situated at Ta Xua Mountain, a highl& commune belonging to Bac Yen district and adjacent to lớn the two districts of Tram Tau (Yen Bai Province) and Bac Yen (Son La Province). This mountainous regions in North Vietphái mạnh are also home to lớn a large number of H’muốn ethnic people.

The majestic scenery of Ta Xua mountain in Son La province

Untold stories about Ta Xua

Ta Xua is at an altitude of 1,500 - 1,700m above sầu sea level. On cloudy days, you can feel that the earth & sky are getting closer together while standing on high mountains in Ta Xua. On the other h&, Ta Xua appears as a majestic landscape with a deep xanh colour typical of the mountains, plus Trắng clouds looming on the clear xanh sky on sunny days. It is compared with the fairyland with a story about a mighty creature. Can you guess what it is?

At an altitude of 2000m above sea cấp độ, this place is also known by the name Clouds Paradise

1. Dinosaur Backbone - The Challenge Not For a Weak Heart

People here believe that Ta Xua mountain range, also known as Phu Sa Phin, was the embody of a giant dinosaur lying & hidden in the clouds. Three main peaks of the mountain formed the shape of the dinosaur"s baông chồng và the small route running through the narrow ridge linking between the three summits is the backbone of the dinosaur.

Dinosaur backbone

With a rough pathway up to the mountain, extremely deep cliffs & steep slopes along the two sides of the mountain that covered in mist và wet drizzles, “Dinosaur backbone” is considered the desired destination and the real challenge for experienced motorbikers.

...Not for a weak heart

If you are not one of those experienced or daring bikers but still want to find strong emotions và overcome your limits, try lớn have sầu thrilling trekking, instead. It is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking trekking trails in Vietphái nam. The scene from the dinosaur backbone is one-of-the-kind & will be your unforgettable experience.

2. Cloud Hunting in Ta Xua

Thanks khổng lồ its rugged terrain and untouched mountainous nature, Ta Xua is not only the lvà with awe-inspiring landscapes but also well- known as the floating ocean of clouds, a fairy scene on earth. Therefore, the “cloud hunt” journey in the highest Mountain Peak of Ta Xua is one of the best things must-bởi vì once you get here.

A female visitor is feeling excited at the scene majestic scenery of a cloudy valley in the sunmix at Ta Xua nature reserve

Unlike clouds in Y Ty, Sapage authority, Sin Ho, Tam Dao ... Clouds in Ta Xua melts slower so you can enjoy the comfort và take photos from early morning to lớn noon. The best time to lớn encounter the cloud ocean is from December lớn March & the most cloudy time in Ta Xua is when it drizzles & has high humidity with a large difference in temperature between day và night.

View of Dinosaur backbone Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La, Vietnam

Especially from 5 to lớn 7 a.m, the valley will appear as a vast sea of fluffy clouds right in front of your eyes. It will make you feel lượt thích the ocean of cloud is floating under your feet và the cloudy sky could be reached with just a gentle touch. The most beautiful hunting spots in Ta Xua include Ta Xua Mountain, Hang Dong Commune, Xlặng Vang Commune, Chuu Village, và the Dinosaur backbone...

How to get khổng lồ Ta Xua?

The distance from Hanoi to lớn Ta Xua is about 264km. You can travel to this wonderful land by coach or public long-haul bus. The bus starts from Yen Nghia Coach Station lớn Phu Yen và then you continue another ride to lớn Bac Yen. Since this commune is in the mountainous area, the road is quite steep và narrow, you need khổng lồ catch a local motorxe đạp xe taxi for a distance of about 15km from there lớn Ta Xua.

A motorbike on the trail và below is a sea of clouds with the light of sunphối in Ta Xua Commune, Son La Province, Vietnam

If you don"t want to change the transport, the only way lớn get to lớn Ta Xua is khổng lồ go by motorcycle. You can reach it with a ride from Hanoi - Son Tay - Trung Ha Bridge - Thu Cuc (Highway 32) - Phu Yen - Bac Yen Town (Highway 37) - Ta Xua và return by two different roads, through Tram Tau or Bac Yen.

Homestay or camping in Ta Xua?

If you are adventurous travellers, camping at the foot of the mountain is not a bad idea. It is the best way khổng lồ explore all the beauty of the surrounding areas in Ta Xua by yourself. However, make sure lớn bring enough cold weather gear as it"s really cold at night in the mountains.

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A group of young tourists camped on top of the mountain with the majestic scenery of a cloudy valley in the sunset at Ta Xua nature

If not, homestay is a perfect option for you. You can try some mountainous speciality or enjoy hot bathtubs mixed with herbs with a small fee. With the cold outside, the hot bath is definitely a real haven. Since Ta Xua is unaffected by any tourism initiative sầu of the government or the locals, the service here is not as convenient as in other tourist attractions. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing place to lớn experience local life.

Here are some local accommodations in Ta Xua for you lớn consider:

Ngong Ta Xua Hostel

Bac Yen Guesthouse

Address: Bac Yen Town, Son La provinceTel: 022 386 0304

Dong Tam Hotel

Address: Highway 37, Bac Yen TownTel: 022 3860 139

Thuy Lien Guesthouse

Address: Highway 37, Bac Yen TownTel: 022 3860 042