French cuisine in a fancy downtown location. Dressed-up, but not stuffy. French President Francoise Hollande popped in for a drink và a feed during his năm nhâm thìn visit to Saigon.

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Sifting through the plethora of French restaurants in Saigon takes some effort. After much persuasion from friends, we finally made it khổng lồ Le Corlớn. We’re glad we did.

Owned by long-term French expats & French Khmer chef, Sakal, Le Corlớn may be the best place in District 1 for modern French cuisine in a classy setting.

The thực đơn is regularly refreshed but traditional fare is a constant. And Le Corto’s well priced for the chất lượng of the food and ambience. Staff were very good too.

The lunchtime set thực đơn is especially good value.

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